Jerry Falzone

Jerry Falzone has been making up songs for quite awhile now….since he was 14 years old and wrote his first song, Song to Bobby. Yep, even then he thought he had something of interest to tell Bob Dylan. Much, much older now but nothing really has changed except that he may have gotten a bit better at the songwriting thing.
Falzone’s twenties were spent traveling around the country with Rock band, Pearl garnering a Top Album Pick in Billboard Magazine as well as stints at CBGB’s in New York, The Wreck Bar in Daytona, The Gaslight and Knob Hill in Toronto and The Moustache in Montreal.
His thirties were spent honing his craft as a songwriter working with Rockabilly Hall of Famer Jerry Englerth in the Songwriter Advocate. Jerry wrote songs for other artists in the Eighties and Nineties including Mason Tyler and Debbie Randyn as well as writing nearly fifty songs for Lake Shore Community Church.
Since then, he has released four self produced CDs, been elected to the Board of Directors of The Rochester Music Hall of Fame and sang Help Me Rhonda with Al Jardine of The Beach Boys for Channel 8 News.
Falzone has founded numerous Songwriter Circles including Fandango at The Tango, The Lake Shore Coffee House Series and Lake Shore at The Little and produced a television series, Beyond the Lyric which introduced both local and national songwriters in each episode to the Greater Rochester Area.
Recently Chris Wilson recorded one of Jerry’s songs, I Won’t Sleep Well Tonight for his soon to be released Nashville produced album that features Grammy winners Kate Lee and Forrest O’Connor.
Falzone has recently been collaborating with accomplished songwriter Louis Sweigman and will be starting his fifth CD in the near future.

Comments: Steve Cataldi (mandolin/ vocalist Liars Moon) Jerry songwriting talent is impressive. His ability to take seemingly ordinary words and paint a colorful, meaningful and emotional picture of experiences we’ve all felt deep in our heart and soul is simply masterful.” P.S…..I value my opportunity to help put these stories into listeners hearts…